Find Out What Causes Night Sweats

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsNight sweat is one of the most common complains by patient to their doctor during their clinic visit. The perception of excessive sweating at night is fairly common. Majority of people experiencing from night sweats don’t have an underlying medical condition. However for some instances, night sweat can also be a sign for impending health condition such as illness or infection that ranges from minor to very serious. Finding out what causes night sweats can be helpful since it could be a warning signal to our body, and it is necessary especially for the early detection of possible health threatening condition.

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsSweating is the body’s natural response to keep the temperature at normal level. Night sweats are episodes of nighttime sweating. It is not simply sweating a lot at night, but it is literally drenching the bed. It affects both men and women at any ages. Although night sweat is not a sleeping disorder, it will wake you up from your sleep due to intense heat or shivering and wet as a result of the reaction to the heat. Those who experience such episodes usually awaken to damp sheets and soaked sleeping attire. It is definitely a hassle to get up and pull out bed sheets from the closet or change a new sleeping attire. It is really disturbing and frustrating.

What Causes Night Sweats For Men And Women During Aging

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsNight sweat for some women is an early sign of menopausal stage. Night sweats and hot flushes are very common especially during the first year or two after menopause and will tend to wane over time. During menopausal stage of women, ovaries produces less estrogen which will eventually result to vasomotor instability. A condition wherein blood vessels in the skin suddenly dilate causing excessive sweating and flushing. Women who suffer from night sweats will often experience the following:

• lack of concentration
• irritability
• sleep disorders
• exhaustion during the day
• insomnia

However for men, they don’t have the same experience when they are aging. A Decline level of testosterone productions in most men during normal aging process doesn’t result to flushing. But with a very low testosterone level, hot flashes can also occur.

Occurrence of night sweats in adult have also been associated with acid reflux, which is a common problem for adult men and women. But you’ll feel relieved by taking over the counter medication during bedtime. Omeprazole and Ranitidine, which are both an acid-reducing drug can be a good example.

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsCommon Triggers

Avoiding things that could trigger night sweat may help to lessen and alleviate the condition. Some of the most common triggers are the following:

• anxiety
• stress
• alcohol
• caffeine
• hot or spicy food
• hot tubs
• hot shower
• sauna bath

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsHealth Condition Associated With Night Sweats

• infection
• cancer
• hypoglycemia
• neurological disorders
• hormone disorders
• fever
• metabolic disorders
• tuberculosis
• Childhood cancer

Find Out What Causes Night SweatsAny abnormality that the body encounter can create the need to exert more internal energy thus producing sweat. Understanding the underlying problem is important not just to control the common causes night sweats but also to avoid the occurrence of other disease due to the mismanagement of the primary condition. Living a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and balance diet are just some of the helpful tips to help relieve hot flashes and night sweats, but if it does not respond to any of these therapies, then it is best to consult your doctor immediately. Understanding what causes night sweats can help people seek medical treatment when the condition is persistent and bothersome.